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Jackie Nixon

As a lung cancer patient advocate, Jackie Nixon commits to educating her community about treatments for lung cancer during Lung Cancer Awareness Month

In 2021, The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) selected Jackie Nixon as a participant for the Supportive Training for Advocates on Research and Science (STARS) Program as a Patient Research Advocate (PRA). 

The STARS program aims to help patient advocates evolve into patient research advocates—a distinction explained by a PRA’s ability to bring the patient voice to research-related efforts. PRAs work with clinicians and scientists to provide the patient perspective for lung cancer research and policy. 

In 2015, Nixon was diagnosed with Stage I lung cancer and her subsequent investigation discovered high levels of radon in her condominium building. The revelation was the pivot point to her joining  Citizens Radioactive Radon Reduction (CR3) and creating and marketing the international radon publication, CR3 News Magazine, to communicate about the cancer risks associated with radon.

She has shared her experiences and knowledge of the danger of radon at the International Radon Symposium hosted by American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, at regional EPA Stakeholders meetings, LungCAN and LungForce, among others.  She has presented at many webinars hosted by various lung cancer and environmental organizations to help prevent future deaths and diagnosis of radon-related lung cancer.

Nixon is the Director of Marketing & Communications for Citizens Radioactive Radon Reduction (CR3) and the Publisher of CR3 News Magazine. She is also a CR3 Pennsylvania State Representative Advocate committed to educating communities about radon and its lung cancer affects and the Co-founder of the Premier Youth Ambassadors for Radon Reduction (PYA). Additionally, she holds degrees in computer technology and computer science from Edinboro University, a degree in art from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with 32 yrs in marketing and communications. She is the CEO of ROIMarket Media LLC, established in 2010.

Memberships and affiliations include:   Hillman Cancer Institute, Pennsylvania Cancer Coalition, LungCan, Cancer & Environment of So. West PA, Protect PT, PA AllofUs, IASLC, AARST, Natonal Radon Action Plan, PA-DOH COVID Response and PA-DOH HEAT Racial and Ethnic Minorities Committee.

“My entire being is now dedicated to letting others know that simple solutions to good health are obtainable through research and education.”

- Jackie Nixon

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