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Jacqueline Simon

The educational needs of African American women regarding breast cancer health are unique and it is very important that these women have access to race sensitive materials.  I am currently a research assistant at The University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing.  President of a local advocacy group, The African American Women's Speakers Bureau since 2001, I am actively involved in community activities with churches, health literacy coalition, University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Susan G Komen-Pittsburgh, and the American Cancer Society.  I have been actively involved as an advocate for the University of Pittsburgh Women’s Cancer Institute attending Breast Cancer Conferences and Workshops to help educate the scientific community on how we can assist in the development and success of their research endeavors.  My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Health Science from the University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Health Community Assessment certificate and an Associate Degree from Allegheny Community College in Banking and Finance.  I have received Awards and Honors from the Giant Eagle Karen Shapira Survivor Award and the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh Racial Justice Award for Health Care Professionals.

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