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TRCCC 2025 Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the 2025 Annual TRCCC meeting is now open! 

  • Abstracts are limited to 2,500 characters including spaces.

  • Enter titles in title case with a maximum of 150 characters, do not use ALL CAPS titles.

  • Abstracts may include up to 10 authors and 4 affiliations.

  • Abstracts submitted by postdoctoral researchers and clinical fellows before Wednesday, December 11, 2024  at 11:59 PM will be considered for inclusion in the Postdoctoral Symposium. 

  • Submissions must be received by Wednesday, December 18, 2024 at 11:59 PM to be considered for oral and poster presentation.

  • We cannot accommodate scheduling requests.  Please do not submit an Abstract if you are not available for all sessions.

No abstracts will be accepted after the December 18, 2024 deadline.  

Presenting Author Information (names, affiliation, and email will be included on Abstract)

Co-Author Information

Author Affiliations
Enter up to 4 affiliations for the authors on your abstract.
Author Names
  • Enter up to 10 authors and select the appropriate affiliation(s) provided above.
  • If including middle initials, please list without periods (example: John H Smith).
  • Do not include credentials in the author list. 
  • To indicate equal contributions of authors, include an * after the names of relevant authors and include the text inside quotes: "(* equal contribution)" after the last author listed.
  • The Presenting Author noted above must be included among the Co-Authors. 
Author 1- Affiliation(s)
Author 2- Affiliation(s)
Author 3- Affiliation(s)
Author 4- Affiliation(s)
Author 5- Affiliation(s)
Author 6- Affiliation(s)
Author 7- Affiliation(s)
Author 8- Affiliation(s)
Author 9- Affiliation(s)
Author 10- Affiliation(s)

Abstract Information

We recommend copying the text for title and abstract body directly from Microsoft Word.  To use symbols (such as α µ ≥ ± Ω Δ) enter the characters into Word using the "Insert" and "Symbol" dropdown menus.  Characters entered in the font Symbol will not transfer into the box below.  
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