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2017 TRCCC Annual Meeting Photos

2017 Young Investigator Award Winners

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Oral Session Name Place Title
1 Yuki Muroyama 1st Stereotactic radiotherapy increases functionally suppressive regulatory T cells in the tumor microenvironment
1 Alba Rodriguez-Garcia 2nd Selective targeting of FR‐expressing tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) improves the efficacy of CAR T‐cell therapy
2 Nicholas Minutolo 1st Redirecting gene-engineered T cells through covalent attachment of targeting ligands to a universal immune receptor
2 Yanping Lou 2nd Developing a working model for evaluating CAR-T cell therapy against mesothelin in PDA-syngeneic immune-competent mouse model
3 Kathleen Kokolus 1st Beta-adrenergic signaling blockade improves the efficacy of immunotherapy for melanoma
3 Kellie Smith 2nd The MANA functional expansion of specific T cells (MANAFEST) assay: a liquid biopsy approach for clinical monitoring of anti-tumor immune responses
4 Cameron MacDonald 1st Blockade of beta-adrenergic receptor signaling enhances anti-tumor immunity while increasing the sensitivity of tumor cells to radiation therapy
4 Mingen Liu 2nd CpG redirects macrophages to overcome inhibitory CD47 expressed by tumor cells in pancreas cancer
5 Nick Hoffend 1st Improving Dendritic Cell Vaccination: Don’t Throw the Non-Classical Monocytes Out with the Bath Water
5 Anna Wing 2nd Bispecific T-cell engager-armed oncolytic virus improves the anti-tumor effect of CAR T-cell therapy
6 Anze Smole 1st A synthetic mammalian therapeutic gene circuit for sensing and suppressing inflammation
6 Nicole Scharping 2nd Mitochondrial biogenesis is repressed in tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells resulting in metabolic insufficiency and T cell dysfunction
Poster Kathleen Kokolus 1st
Poster Prannda Sharma 2nd


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